Scheduled Hikes for 2002

 "Area", "Trip" and corresponding page numbers listed for each hike refer to descriptions in Jerry Schad's book "Afoot and Afield in San Diego County". It can be purchased at any major bookstore or online.

  Palomar Mountain

Date:   June 16, 2002  09:00 AM -  05:00 PM
Hike Group:   San Diego Trail Tramps
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Location:    Palomar Mt. State Park and Palomar Observatory are located in the Cleveland National Forest, about 70 miles N/NE of San Diego.
Description: On a clear day, you can see the Pacific Ocean and San Diego from the top of 6140' Mt. Palomar! Today, we'll cover a wide variety of terrain, including thick forests of pine, oak, fir & cedar, as well as mountain meadows filled with bracken fern and wildflowers.We'll be hiking at about the 5400' level and the summer solstice is the following Friday, 6/21. So, be sure to bring sunscreen! We have two hikes scheduled for today: The Scott's Cabin/Boucher Hill Loop and the Observatory Trail. In between our two scheduled hikes, we'll pay a visit to the Palomar Observatory, home to the famous 200" Hale Telescope.

Car pools will depart San Diego by 9:15 am. Target time to meet at the trail head/Silver Crest Picnic Area in Palomar Mt. State Park is 11:00 am. Hiking distance will be about 3 miles on the loop trail and 2.2 miles down the Observatory trail. Elevation gain/loss is about 800'/800' on the loop trail and 100'/750' on the Observatory trail. Total hike time for the day is about 2.5 - 3 hours, plus breaktimes and Observatory visit. This is one of our most popular hikes of the year, so come join the fun!!

For more detailed info. on the area, refer to "Afoot and Afield in San Diego County" by J.Schad, 1998 Edition, Area M-2: Palomar Mountain, Trips 1 & 5, pp.131-138. Also, check out our Maps of the area for more details.