Scheduled Hikes for 2004

 "Area", "Trip" and corresponding page numbers listed for each hike refer to descriptions in Jerry Schad's book "Afoot and Afield in San Diego County". It can be purchased at any major bookstore or online.

  Sunset Cliffs / Cabrillo Nat. Monument Tide Pools & Bayside Hike

Date:   July 18, 2004  09:00 AM -  02:00 PM
Hike Group:   San Diego Trail Tramps
Info. URL:  Cabrillo National Park:
Location:    Point Loma/Sunset Cliffs/Cabrillo Nat. Monument at tip of Pt. Loma, overlooking San Diego Bay and North Island.
Description: We have three coastal areas to visit today: Sometimes-misty cliff-top views at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, pounding surf near Pt. Loma tide pools/rocks and a spectacular view of San Diego from Cabrillo National Mounment and it's lower-sloped Bayside Trail, are all in store for today's hike.

Car pools will depart Hillcrest by 9:15 am. Target time to meet in the parking lot of Sunset Cliffs Natural park is about 9:35 am. This is one of our more popular summer hikes, so come join the fun!! Follow Sunset Cliffs Blvd. all the way thru Ocean Beach and along the water, out to it's end, where it curves left into Ladera St., then turn right off Ladera and Cornish Drive onto the short dirt road that leads to the parking area of Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. After we explore that area, we'll drive on out towards the end of Pt. Loma (thru Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetary),but just short of Cabrillo Nat. Monument, turn right, down the steep Pacific-side road to the tide pool area. Follow the road past the tidepool signs and go almost to the end (there is a gate across the road just before the water purification plant). Park in either of the last two parking areas. From there, we'll hike down a steep trail near the smaller parking area, to the water's edge where the surf meets the rocks. Finally, we'll drive back up to Cabrillo Nat. Monument, pay the modest parking fee, check out the spectacular views of San Diego from the Visitor's Center, then hike on over to the old Pt. Loma Lighthouse for a quick visit, then hike on down the Bayside Trail, and back up again. (We'll probably complete all of this by about 1 pm or so, leaving the rest of the afternoon free.)

For more detailed info. on the area, refer to "Afoot and Afield in San Diego County" by J.Schad, 1998 Edition, Area B-3 Point Loma, pp. 39-42. Also, check out our Maps of the area for more details.